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Privacy policy

Regarding the handling of personal information entrusted to us by guests of the Sakai Soccer National Training Center, J's Park Group (hereinafter referred to as "our group") has set up a system for protecting personal information based on the following privacy policy and will continue to institute improvements henceforth. In accordance with this privacy policy, our group strives for the appropriate handling and safe management of personal information in order to receive the trust of our guests. Our group also works to ensure that all employees are familiar with this privacy policy.

Began operation: March 1st, 2000

Regarding the handling of personal information on this website

Based on this understanding, our group has established the following policy for the handling of personal information and makes sure that personal information entrusted to us by guests to our facility is properly managed.

Compliance with laws and ordinances
When handling personal information (information where the identity of a specific individual can be determined. Hereinafter defined likewise.), our group complies with the various laws and ordinances related to the protection of personal information as well as obligations stipulated by the relevant cabinet ministers and this policy itself.
Usage within the scope intended
Excluding cases where required by law or where the permission of the facility guest has been obtained beforehand, our group will only handle personal information within the scope necessary to realize its intended purpose of use as determined in advance.
Acquisition of personal information
Our group states clearly the purpose of use, scope of joint users and information necessary at the guest reception counter and makes sure to acquire information upon receiving the consent of the facility guest concerned.
Personal information of guests under 15 years old
In the event that personal information is obtained from facility guests under 15 years of age, our group clearly states that this information should be acquired based on the guardian's consent and will take special care when handling said information.
Measures for safe management
Our group strives to keep the personal information entrusted to us accurate and up-to-date within the scope of its intended use. In order to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, manipulation, destruction, damage, etc., we have established the appropriate and necessary safety measures according to current technical standards and make amendments to these as necessary.
Disclosure to third parties
Except in cases mandated by law, our group will not disclose information to third parties without the consent of the facility guest concerned. In addition, J's Park Group does not disclose personal information to third parties using the "opt out system" (as found in Article 23, Paragraph 2 of the law concerning the protection of personal information).
Responses to comments and consultations
We will respond appropriately to comments or inquiries related to the disclosure, revision, suspension of usage (for products or services), erasure or other handling of personal information according to legal regulations.
Continual improvement of our corporate structure
In order to handle the information entrusted to us appropriately, our facility, through its establishment of staff for managing personal information, implementation of internal regulations, education of employees and enactment of accurate internal inspections, etc., strives for the continued strengthening and improvement of our corporate structure, including reviewing this policy.


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