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The highest grade of natural turf fields and artificial turf fields in Japan.


Main field (with lighting system)

J-GREEN Sakai's main field. Capable of holding 3,600 spectators and equipped with lockers, a match operation room and medical room, this field can handle large-scale matches.

Main field (with lighting system)
Main field (with lighting system)
Main field (with lighting system)

Facility details

Lighting Yes
Goals 1 set of adult goals (Insertion type)
1 set of adult goals
2 set of youth goals
Rugby pole 1 set of rugby goal posts
American football 1 set of American football goal posts
Facility Electric scoreboard, lighting, seats (3,632 seats, about 600 thereof on the rooftop of DREAM CAMP)

Notes on usage

  • Please confirm usage details and times with one of our representatives before use.
  • Please refer to our FAQs concerning the display of banners within the stands.


Conditions of use 2 hour blocks
2 hours are equivalent to 1 session. You may have up to 4 sessions per week.
Times are set aside for field maintenance

You can swipe to see

  Weekdays Weekends & Holidays
Usage times 9:00〜21:00
Start times for field usage 9:00〜
Standard rate ¥46,000 ¥55,200
Student rates, etc. ¥23,000 ¥27,600

Facilities exclusively for main field usage

There is a facility at the clubhouse, exclusive for those using natural turf (incl. lighting equipment).

*Spiked cleats are prohibited inside of the clubhouse (excluding facilities reserved exclusively for main field use). Food and drink are prohibited at the field entrance.
*Advanced reservations are required for field usage

Changing rooms/showers Three showers, four benches, a ice machine
Referee room Lockers for six people, coat hangers, a shower room, a toilet (unisex)
Match operation room Chairs, desk, a built-in whiteboard
Recording/broadcast room This is the recording chamber and the broadcasting room primarily used when the official games are held. While watching the game, you can operate the match records and electric scoreboard.
Chairs, desk, audio equipment, electric scoreboard.





There are two methods for reserving facilities at J-GREEN Sakai.
One is to apply using the Opas System for reservations and the other is to apply directly at J-GREEN Sakai's front desk.

Please make use of it whether team training
or the people from distance.

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