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Frequently Asked Questions


I want to reserve one of the grounds. What should I do?

Please visit our reservations page.

I want to make a reservation. What is your system for reserving?

From the 16th of each month, you can make reservations up until the end of the month following the next month.

What is your system for making payments?

At our facility, we ask that you pay in advance. After submitting your application, please make payment within one week by either bank transfer or coming directly to our facility.

Up until when can we cancel our reservations?

For our natural turf fields, artificial turf fields, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and locker rooms, you may cancel up until 14 days before the date you have reserved. For our futsal fields, sports plaza and multi-purpose rooms, you may cancel up until 7 days before the date you have reserved.

*For cancellations after these periods, 100% of the usage fee will be charged.

What happens in the event of rain?

In general, our facilities are still available for use even when raining. You may not cancel your reservation on account of rain. However, in the event that our facility decides to suspend usage due to extreme weather (snow-covered fields, heavy rain, etc.), we will return your usage fee upon your request. Please be aware that in the event of typhoons or thunder and lightning, our facility may decide to suspend usage, even when our guests desire to continue.

I would like to find out about facility availability. What should I do?

You can check facility availability at the OPAS homepage found below.(You do not need to be a member of OPAS to check availability.)


About usage


Are we free to use the showers and lockers?

As part of our common area, you are free to use the showers and lockers as you like. However, in the event that these have been exclusively reserved, they will not be available for usage. Changing rooms 1 and 2 at each locker room are open for general use. Please use these as necessary. In L2, locker rooms 1 and 2 have been set aside for the use of men and women respectively, and therefore, cannot be reserved for exclusive usage.

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Is there soap and shampoo available in the locker rooms?

No, there is not. Shampoo and conditioner are available for sale at the J-GREEN Sakai shop located within our clubhouse.

Do you have equipment available for rental?

The following equipment are available for rental.
Please reserve equipment at these 2 days in advance. Requests for equipment will not be taken the day before or the day of usage. Long tables, folding chairs, cones (bar included), markers, corner flags for half-court play, megaphones, score boards (large/small), foldable goals (2m×3m, 1m×2m), stretchers, 45 minute clocks, timers (large/small)
*As numbers are limited, not all equipment may be available for usage.

Can I borrow shoes?

At Soccer Shop Kamo, cleats and futsal shoes are available for rental at 500 yen per set. Please be aware that sizes and numbers are limited.

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Do you have an area for disposing trash?

There are no trash cans available. We ask that all customers take their garbage with them.

Is it okay to set up tents?

You may set up tents, but we ask that you do so in dirt areas away from vegetation. As there may be sudden gusts of wind, we ask that you make sure to reinforce your tent. In cases the facility has deemed dangerous, the erection of tents may be prohibited even when reinforced. Tents have been prohibited on top of the asphalt, as this may obstruct the paths of emergency vehicles. Please be aware that tents are also prohibited from being set up under the solar panels and will be removed immediately if discovered.

When reserving a futsal field, do you offer rentals for balls and bibs?

For futsal field reservations, we offer 5 bibs and 2 futsal balls per field for rental free of charge.

What if I need ice?

For customers using the soccer fields for 1 session (2 hours) or futsal fields for 1 session (1 hour), we will provide you with coins for our ice machines at the front desk. (During summer, the number of coins available is limited.) For customers looking to purchase ice, we have it available for sale at our facility restaurant. (Crushed ice 1kg 300 yen, Block ice 1.7kg 320 yen)

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How much is parking?

Please refer to "Vehicle" under facility guidelines.

Where can we warm up?

For artificial turf fields, you can warm up in the dirt areas or where artificial turf mats have been laid; however, the use of balls is prohibited. The blue path surrounding our facility is for our cycling course. Any usage other than for bicycles is dangerous and strictly prohibited.

Do you have any rules regarding the use of banners and signs?

[S1 Main Field]
You may attach banners to the gray handrails located midway up the stands or unfold them in the seating areas. (Displaying banners in a way that obstructs the aisles is prohibited under the Fire Services Act) Banners with the name of the competition, etc. may be hung above the field between the sponsored signs. These rules do not apply to cases where there are a large number of spectators.

[S2-5 Natural Turf Fields]
Banners are only permitted to be attached to the gray concrete pillars. The green nets and cross wires are prohibited as they cannot support any additional weight.

[S6-13 Artificial Turf Fields]
Banners are only permitted to be attached to the gray concrete pillars. The green nets and cross wires are prohibited as they cannot support any additional weight.

[S14 Artificial Turf Field with Attached Track]
No areas are available for setting up banners

[F1-3 Futsal Fields (covered)]
Banners are only permitted to be attached to the gray pillars. The gray nets and cross wires are prohibited as they cannot support any additional weight.

[F4-8 Futsal Fields (outdoor)]
Banners are only permitted to be attached to the gray concrete pillars. The green nets and cross wires are prohibited as they cannot support any additional weight.

Where can I inquire about lost items?

You can inquire directly at our front desk or confirm by phone.



Do you offer any discounts for parking?

We do not have any discounts available for parking.

Can we bring pets inside with us?

Our facility does not allow pets. Please be aware, that guests with pets may be asked to leave the facility grounds.*Guide dogs for seeing, hearing or otherwise impaired persons are permitted.

Is it possible to place orders for bento lunch boxes?

We take orders for lunch boxes. Please consult with the front desk in advance as we do not accept orders on the day.

Are injuries covered by facility insurance?

Our facility does not carry insurance for injuries incurred during play. We recommend that you obtain your own insurance or acquire sports insurance through your team.

Customer feedback


During the match our ball got stuck on the roof of the locker or futsal courts. What should I do?

Our staff will retrieve it for you. Please notify the front counter at the clubhouse.

Guests at the facility (especially high school students) have poor manners when using public transportation. What can I do?

When receiving a complaint, we find out the name of the school and immediately inform the appropriate staff about the nature of the complaint as well as ask for assistance in improving student behavior. For guests coming by public transportation, we also address manners at the reception desk.

There aren't enough areas for spectators to find shade from the sun.

Since we first opened, we have received feedback from a large number of guests regarding protection from the sun. In our first year, in order to provide some reprieve from the sun, we erected fixed tents, but these could not be used during times of strong wind. At that time, we were unable to fully meet our customers needs, but from 2011 we have established permanent fixtures to offer protection from the sun.

When applying on OPAS, it is not clear that a separate fee is charged for lighting.

Now when applying from OPAS, we have provided a notice displaying that lighting fees are separate from facility fees.

We would like you to do something about the traffic jams that occur when leaving the parking lot for big sporting events

In order to provide for smoother departures after competitions, we have installed ticket machines at our parking lot exits as well as dispatched supporting staff to handle parking fees.

The protective netting for the indoor futsal fields is close to the touch line making it dangerous for guests.

Previously, we had installed moveable protective netting, but in consideration of safety we have changed these to curtain-style netting. When using 3 fields together, please contact the front desk about removing the wires.

I would like to nurse my child. Do you offer nursing facilities?

The restroom is at Rocker House 5. Please feel free to use. The club hous also provide baby bed, if you want to use, please come check with the reception.

It is hard to tell which direction to go in on the cycling road.

Our cycling road is a one-way road running counterclockwise, while the street is one way, running clockwise. Please check the related map for details.

Cycling road direction map


There are two methods for reserving facilities at J-GREEN Sakai.
One is to apply using the Opas System for reservations and the other is to apply directly at J-GREEN Sakai's front desk.

Please make use of it whether team training
or the people from distance.

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