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A complete system of support.


There are 6 parking lots accommodating a total of 1143 vehicles located throughout the facility. Spaces are also available for handicap parking and bus parking (buses and large vehicles may be parked temporarily in P2 and P3).


Facility information

P1: 304 spaces Standard vehicles 292 spaces
Compact vehicles 7 spaces
Handicap parking 5 spaces
P2: 155 spaces Standard vehicles 127 spaces
Compact vehicles 9 spaces
Handicap parking 4 spaces
Bus parking 15 spaces
P3: 242 spaces Standard vehicles 227 spaces
Bus parking 10 spaces
P4: 77 spaces Standard vehicles 71 spaces
Compact vehicles 3 spaces
Handicap parking 3 spaces
P5: 337 spaces Standard vehicles 330 spaces
Handicap parking 7 spaces
P Clubhouse front: 28 Standard vehicles 28 spaces

Notes on usage

  • We bear no responsibility for damage, accidents, thefts or losses incurred in our parking areas.
  • Please obey the signs and directions from staff when in the parking areas.
  • When leaving your vehicle, please make sure to roll up the windows, lock the doors and remove any valuables left in open sight in your car.
  • Vehicles can not enter or leave the facility outside of business hours.
  • If your parking ticket is lost, you will be unable to leave until the matter has been looked into.
  • We only accept 1,000yen bills.


You can swipe to see

  Usage times Parking fee (1 vehicle)
Passenger vehicle
Compact vehicle
Small freight vehicles
Mini buses
Up to 30 minutes free
Up to 2hrs ¥200
From 2hrs up to 3hrs ¥310
From 2hrs up to 3hrs ¥410
From 4hrs up to 5hrs ¥510
From 5hrs until close ¥620
Large vehicles per visit ¥1,030

*Parking area hours are the same as facility hours.
*The first 30mins are free-of-charge.
*Vehicles other than those listed above are free-of-charge.
*For those coming by bus, we apologize for the inconvenience but ask that you pay your parking fee at the clubhouse front desk.
*Those with a certificate of physical disability may bring this to the clubhouse front counter to receive a discount.





There are two methods for reserving facilities at J-GREEN Sakai.
One is to apply using the Opas System for reservations and the other is to apply directly at J-GREEN Sakai's front desk.

Please make use of it whether team training
or the people from distance.

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