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Concerning emergencies

The following are general guidelines. Exceptions apply according the situation. Please follow facility announcements and the instructions of our staff.

Concerning extreme weather

Evacuation areas for thunderstorms

Evacuation areas for thunderstorms

Concerning emergency response

When an ambulance is required, please communicate the following information to the clubhouse office (072-222-0123).Please contact us immediately even in cases where the organizer requires an ambulance.

  1. The injured person's whereabouts
  2. Details of the injury/condition
  3. Name
  4. Age
  5. Presence/absence of an escort

Concerning heatstroke

Concerning AED devices

Concerning routes for emergency evacuation

Emergency evacuation map
Clubhouse evacuation diagram


There are two methods for reserving facilities at J-GREEN Sakai.
One is to apply using the Opas System for reservations and the other is to apply directly at J-GREEN Sakai's front desk.

Please make use of it whether team training
or the people from distance.

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